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Liz at the Inauguration

Liz and her mom Audrey made the long haul to D.C. for the swearing in, leaving me at home for a week of bachelorhood/debauchery/lonelyness.

They decided to go for the cheap seats and watch from the Lincoln Memorial, and grabbed a nice spot on the steps. When we spoke yesterday through the saturated cellphone tubes, she told me she had done an interview with the Washington Post. While her interview was not published (that we know of), she and Audrey, and Audrey’s friend Dixie can be spotted in the background. Liz is the upper left in the blue coat, sending a Twitter message from her pink-clad iPhone.


(click for fullsize)

The screencap is from 2:11 in the video, which is the one titled “The Swearing In”.


Rudy Guiliani on Ruby on Rails


…we’ve ported our entire campaign platform from PHP to Ruby on Rails. The thing about ROR is that you essentially save yourself all of the time writing database interaction code and we haven’t written a line of Javascript, which appeals to me because getting it to run across every browser is where we end up doing most of the debugging. Also, our beta cycles have been cut in half simply because it’s so much easier to put multiple coders onto a Ruby project. We switched from Apache to Lighty and from what our customers tell us, the lag is pretty much unnoticable now. All of this time saving is key, because since 9/11 we just don’t know when we’re going to need to put emergency websites into place to inform the people about new terror threats or to give them the resources to tell us about suspicious activity. I think using ROR is going to save a lot of lives. I hear Obama’s site runs on Perl…

In response to Rush’s ‘Phony Soldier’ remark

Army of Dude: The Real Deal

The post speaks for itself. I’ve held off on political posts, but this is not to be missed.