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MashupCamp Venice 2009

VeniceMashup – MashupCamp

Hot off the presses, and just a “concept,” but still…


Mashup the Mefi

Put this on your list of data to be mashed. The oh-so popular group blog Metafilter has released a data dump of site content. Andy Baio, as usual, is already off to a good start.

Metafilter Infodump

Spam me with your political blogs

I’ve got an idea for a new mashup, but I need some help. I usually get my Politik fix on Reddit, so I’m looking for a list of political blogs. General criteria:

  1. Should be original content, not aggregators
  2. RSS/Atom required, with full posts
  3. popular is better
  4. opinionated is better
  5. Group ’em by left wing/right wing/centrist (does that exist?) if possible

Add functions to your mashups with Utility Mill

Utility Mill – Makes Utilities

Utility Mill looks like a kick ass hosted service for mashup development. It lets you create hosted web services that run your custom Python code, handling input and output in an easy way. This service fills a hole in the “mashup stack” by adding custom scripting functionality without the need for a server side scripting language. So, if you need to perform any kind of filtering or munging of your mashed up data, and you aren’t exactly a Javascript guru, you can still keep everything client side by passing your data through Utility Mill first.

Other really nice features include commentary, revision control,  and mandatory GPL licensing. It’s also not a bad way to pick up some Python knowledge–especially when you see contributors named “guido.” Here are a couple fun/interesting/useful ones I found:

and of course:

  • MetaUtility Enter some Python. Run it. See the output.

I was able to register on the site and write a silly little UUID Generator in about three minutes 🙂

I’d really like to see this done for PHP or Ruby too.

YDN Theater: MashUp Camp — Dublin

Chad Dickerson and Tom Hughes-Croucher hit the streets in Dublin to ask, “what’s a mashup?

Mashup University. I talk about AOL’s XDrive

One of the AOL guys couldn’t make it to Dublin, so Dave Berlind asked me to fill in. I took a different angle with this talk, and did it without any speaking. It was risky, but I think the reaction was great. This was probably the funnest ‘talk’ I think I’ve done.

I do want to add that the 128 bit part was shamelessly lifted from this awesome article about GUIDs.

Intro to Mashups – Mashup Camp 5 / Mashup University – Dublin

Here’s my slides for my intro talk: