Laura Ann’s Music Debut

My niece, Laura Ann, spent some time with us over the weekend. Since I was recovering from the flu, we decided to have some relaxed playtime–a nice departure from the normal high-energy entertainment.

Laura Ann, 7, LOVES to play with PhotoBooth on the Mac, but finally grew tired of it after a while, so I though we would give Garage Band a try.  And boy, fun was had! Coming from the days of early PC based multitracking (ah, Cool Edit Pro, how I loved thee), I was quite impressed with the ease of Garage Band as well as the internal mic on the macbook. Here’s the result of some of the songs she recorded. She picked out the instrument arrangements from the included song catalog all by herself, and improvised all the lyrics in a bunch of one-takes. There’s no punch-in’s; all I did was bump her vocal track a tad and added some cheezy Garage Band effects. I absolutely loved the results and I’m sure we’ll be doing this some more in the future. 

The first song is one she’s doing with her school for Halloween. I’d heard her singing it randomly–she sings all the time–so i figured we might as well lay it down. Here’s “Five Little Pumpkins”

The next one is my favorite, “Funky Baby”. I had her list some funky stuff to be the lyrics and she came up with “Funky Baby, Turnip Greens, Funky Monkey, Cole Slaw, Cereal Box”. 

Next up is the roots ballad “I Love” which is destined to be a classic. She just sang about stuff she loves. No doubt the zoo tops that list, but I’m glad to be on it eventually. I especially like her lyric “I want to see what’s up there, in the serious beyond. I don’t know what to see with my eyes, it’s so special” And more howling.. she’s into wolves right now.

Laura Ann Herren

Finally is the way-over-the-top “I Have the Blues”. Pretty much speaks for itself.


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