Mashup University. I talk about AOL’s XDrive

One of the AOL guys couldn’t make it to Dublin, so Dave Berlind asked me to fill in. I took a different angle with this talk, and did it without any speaking. It was risky, but I think the reaction was great. This was probably the funnest ‘talk’ I think I’ve done.

I do want to add that the 128 bit part was shamelessly lifted from this awesome article about GUIDs.


About John Herren

John Herren is a developer and technical consultant with focus on web applications. He currently serves as Director of Development for Primetime US, the company behind the hit movie and book The Secet. John was formerly staff writer and developer community evangelist for Zend Technologies. Along with founding neat experiments like, John is an active member in the mashup community, working with API providers and speaking at conferences. He is a published author of Linux certification study material. John enjoys using open source software like PHP and Ruby on Rails to bend the web into exciting new chimeras of hyperlinked goodness. View all posts by John Herren

6 responses to “Mashup University. I talk about AOL’s XDrive

  • Chris Radcliff

    That’s awesome. It was just like being there*.

    Which I wasn’t.

    As you know.

    *Except for the Guinness. I bet that was better than this slide show could possibly convey. Sigh.

  • kalid

    Hi John, this is Kalid from betterexplained — glad you liked the article!

    The slides are really cool by the way — I’m a huge fan of the “Steve Jobs” presentation style of single words on a slide.

    I’m currently using Amazon S3 for data storage but xdrive looks interesting 🙂

  • John

    You were missed my friend. The Guinness was amazing, served much colder than I would have thought.

  • John Herren

    @Kalid: _all_ of your articles are great, and I always like seeing you up at the top of Reddit. The 128 bit example really raised some eyebrows.

  • Kalid

    Thanks John, I’m glad you like them (blogging is getting to be a lot of fun).

    Yeah, once numbers reach a certain size they start hurting your head. When writing the article I tried to think of the most egregious use of GUIDs that I could (timestamping individual copies of the internet for everybody) and there was *still* enough to go for “a while” :).

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